AMRUT is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme under Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. The Mission was launched on 25th June 2015 by Hon. Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi.





Purpose of AMRUT

      The National Priority is to create infrastructure

        to provide basic services to households

        to build amenities

      This will improve the quality of life of all, especially the poor and the disadvantaged.

      The infrastructure should lead to provision of better services to people


AMRUT aims to support 500 cities having a population greater than one lakh (100,000)


      Cooperative federalism-  Freedom to States/ULBs to design and implement.

      Service Delivery - Focus on infrastructure that leads to delivery of services to citizens.

      Reforms Incentivised -10% incentive for Achievement of Reforms.

     Capacity building strategy – Individualand Institutional

      O&M of infrastructure built-in at Planning stage itself.

      Focus on Planning before hand

·         Service Level Improvement Plans (SLIP)

·         State Annual Action Plan (SAAP).


AMRUT supports States in creating basic urban infrastructure – Mission is project based.
Formula for Allocation to States  is based on total population and number of statutory urban towns in the  state (50:50)

                     Central government assistance

  •                                    1/2 of project cost to cities having population < 10 lacs
  •                                    1/3 of project cost to cities having population > 10 lacs

Remaining percentage by the State and the ULB

  •                                State contribution to the project cost shall not be less than 20%.

Fund distribution

Project fund                            – 80% of the annual budgetary allocation (90% during first year)

Incentive for Reforms        – 10%

State funds for A&OE       – 8%

MoUD funds for A&OE     – 2%





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