COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023, World’s first intra-nasal vaccine

Amidst the increasing cases of Corona, the Central Government has approved the COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023, although almost all the citizens in India have received both their doses, but this Kovid-19 Nasal Vaccine will be given as a booster dose. Initially this COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023 will be available in private hospitals.

The Government of India has included this vaccine in its Kovid-19 vaccination program today itself. Here let us tell you that Kovid-19 Nasal Vaccine can be sprayed directly through the nose.  It is given, i.e. you do not have to put a hinge on your arm to get this vaccine. However, so far the Government of India has approved the intranasal Covid-19 vaccine for citizens above 18 years of age.  Now it remains to be seen how effective the COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023 proves to be.

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COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023

As you know that COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023 has been approved by the Government of India, this vaccine has been made available by Bharat Biotech and the name of this vaccine has been given as BBV154. Although as we know about COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023  It is being received in India, according to which the condition of Coronavirus in India will not be like China because this spray vaccine will erase the name of Kovid-19 in the nose itself.

Nasal Vaccine in India 2023 Overview

Article title COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023
Category Nasal Vaccine Trial
Grade Health
Total Trial for Nasal Vaccine 2023 3
Nasal Vaccine Name iNCOVACC
Work as To make strong Immune System and create Protein in blood and Nose
Total Vaccination 95.10 Crore
Booster dose Vaccination 22.20 crore


Nasal Vaccination

Here we explain to you how Nasal Vaccination works, then let us tell you that most of the viruses, including Kovid-19, reach inside the body mainly through mucosa, mucosa is such a sticky substance. Which is found in the nose, lungs and digestive system.

The task of Nasal Vaccination is to generate an immune system i.e. immune response directly in the mucosa itself, and to completely destroy Kovid-19, unlike the muscular vaccine which is unable to do so, the muscular vaccine goes through the veins which is less effective than Nasal Vaccination.

COVID Nasal Vaccine 2022
COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023


Nasal Vaccine Bharat Biotech Launch Date

As per the information we have received, Bharat Biotech Company, which is the main company of Hyderabad, in its initial trial, conducted a clinical trial of its Kovid-19 Nasal Vaccine on a total of 4000 volunteers and after that the company came to know that none of its There have been no bad side effects.

In this regard, according to the Nasal Vaccine Bharat Biotech Launch Date, approval for emergency use was made available for this vaccine by the drug regulator of India on 6th September. According to this Nasal Vaccine Bharat Biotech Launch Date, through the information that has come out, it is going to be fine for low and middle income countries. It is being said that this vaccine is going to be very effective in reducing infection and infection.

COVID Nasal Spray

According to the information received, COVID Nasal Spray will be given to people under booster dose, that is, only those people will be able to get this booster dose, who have already taken both the doses of Kovid-19 Muscular Vaccine, the information available on the Kovid-19 portal.

According to that, more than 95.10 people have taken Kovid-19 on both the days and as far as we talk about COVID Nasal Spray, let us make it clear to you here that only 22.20 crore people have taken Kovid-19 Nasal Spray. Took booster dose under.

COVID Nose Vaccine

First of all, get this information that COVID Nose Vaccine will be administered like a booster dose. This company of Bharat Biotech has been formed jointly by Washington University of Bharat Biotech America. This is the reason that this COVID Nose Vaccine has proved to be very effective in all three trials, that is why work is now going on to include this Covid-19 vaccine in the Covin portal.

All the research done till date has revealed that the virus of Kovid-19 always enters through the nose, that is why this Kovid-19 nose vaccine will eliminate the Kovid-19 virus directly through the nose.  .

Nasal Spray COVID Vaccine Company

It has been said by Nasal Spray COVID Vaccine Company Bharat Biotech that it will prove to be very effective, and will strengthen your immunity against corona in your respiratory system. Anyway, your immunity should be good enough so that you can win your victory in the war against Corona.

That means you can recover from Kovid-19 soon. In fact, the Nasal Spray COVID Vaccine Company claims that this vaccine increases the protein in both your blood and your nose by strengthening your immune system.

FAQ Regarding COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023

How does the COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023 work?

Kovid-19 Nasal Vaccine 2023 works by strengthening your immune system to make proteins in your blood and your nose.

COVID Nasal Vaccine 2023 is manufactured by which company?

The Kovid-19 Nasal Vaccine is manufactured by Bharat Biotech and America Washington Company.

How many total trials were done in Kovid-19 Nasal Vaccine?

A total of 3 trials of Kovid-19 Nasal Vaccine were conducted, 175 people were included in the first trial and 200 in the second trial and 3100 and 875 people were included in the third trial respectively.

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