Gaur Gopal Das Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Career

Gaur Gopal Das Biography: Wiki, age, biography, wealth, wife, kids, ethnicity, facts, profile, education, wealth, books, parents, siblings, and family: Prabhu Gaur Gopal Das, a senior monk in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and an Indian motivational strategist, international life coach, and author, was born on December 24, 1973 (ISKCON). He is the author of numerous books and novels, including Revival, Checkmate, and Conquest. He has Radhanath Swami as a student.

Gaur Gopal Das Biography

Gaur Gopal Das Biography he is an  Indian spiritual guide, motivational speaker, and lifestyle consultant Gaur Gopal Das Biography. He has been a monk and a part of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) since 1996. Gaur Gopal Das Biography was a former electrical engineer who had previously worked for Hewlett-Packard (HP).

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He was not satisfied with his work, though. He consequently made the decision to forego his material ambitions and follow the path of spirituality and self-realisation. One of the rarest inspirational speakers in the nation, Gaur Gopal Das is a Radhanath Swami disciple who has delivered talks at Google’s headquarters and the British parliament. He has travelled the world over the years to deliver inspirational speeches and spirituality talks.

Gaur Gopal Das, a role model and a hero for many, has motivated young people with his quotes, such as “Feed your faith and all your doubts shall starve to death.” He has also written a number of novels and books, including, in the Gaur Gopal Das Biography to mention a few, “Checkmate,” “Conquest,” and “Revival.” Let’s read the Gaur Gopal Das Biography to get to know our hero inside and out.

Gaur Gopal Das as a Motivational Speaker

Gaur Gopal Das is a Motivational Speaker he has been delivering lectures at businesses and institutions in India and overseas as a member of the ISKCON Chowpatty branch. His courses cover subjects like contentment, achievement, and relationships. Gaur Gopal Das is a Motivational Speaker speech he once gave at the international professional services company Ernst & Young in London was titled “The Monk Who Bought a Ferrari.” Additionally, he has lectured at many corporations, including Barclays, Infosys, Bank of America, Macintosh, Ford, EY, and others. He has also spoken at numerous TEDx events.

Das presented a session to the British Parliament while he was there in London in 2016. Gaur Gopal Das is a Motivational Speaker who provided inspiration at the Project Management National Conference in India in 2017. He spoke during the Third International Yoga Day held by the Indian Consulate General in Chicago in June of that year. At the “World Kidney Day” event at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Shatrughan Sinha and Shammi Kapoor, two well-known Bollywood actors, also served as keynote speakers.

Gaur Gopal Das is a Motivational Speaker has received numerous honours from various societies and organisations up to this point. He was given the Rotary International Super Achiever Award in 2016 for his remarkable work in the spirituality sector. The KIIT University once gave him the “Danveer Karna Award” in recognition of his altruistic efforts to promote the ideas of “the art of giving.” The 2018 IWM Digital Awards named his programme the Best Spiritual/Motivational Show on the Web. In this article you will read each and everything about Gaur Gopal Das Biography.

Gaur Gopal Das Biography
Gaur Gopal Das Biography


Gaur Gopal Das Personal Life

In Gaur Gopal Das’ personal life at Maharashtra, India, on December 24, 1973, Gaur Gopal Das was born. His sister exists. From the College of Engineering in Pune, he earned an electrical engineering degree. His father passed away in 2009 from Parkinson’s disease. Gaur Gopal Das’ personal life one of his videos, Das admitted to his fans that he had not spoken to his father for two years due to certain disagreements.

He did, however, start conversing with him again at his mother’s urging. He constantly wanted to apologise to him after converting to Buddhism, but his ego prevented him from doing so. Since that time, Das has been instructing others on how to apologise and how to forgive others.

Gaur Gopal Das Net Worth

Gaur Gopal Das net worth, Gaur the amount of net worth, $0.8 million, is greater than 11.21 crore Indian rupees. He is among the most well-liked and well-known monks.

Gaur Gopal Das Real Name

Guru/Prabhu Gaur Gopal Das’ real name is Gaur Gopal Das’ original name. We refer to him as Guru because he instructs us, and “Prabhu” means God since he is at a greater level of consciousness than we are. Therefore, Gaur Gopal Das’ real name and original name are both Gopal Das.

Gaur Gopal Das Education

Gaur Gopal Das Education he studied in Saint Jude High School is where Gaur Gopal Das Education began his studies. Gopal received his engineering degree from the College of Engineering Pune after completing his undergraduate studies at the Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology.

Gaur Gopal Das Wife

Gaur Gopal Das’ wife’s real name is still unknown; whenever we learn more, we’ll let you know here. You will find everything about Gaur Gopal Das Family in this Gaur Gopal Das Biography article.

Gaur Gopal Das Books

Gaur Gopal Das has written two books, the first of which is titled Life’s Amazing Secrets and focuses on how to find balance and purpose in life. In his 2020 book The Way of the Monk, he discusses four main topics: peace, purpose, happiness, and his own life.

  1. Life’s Amazing Secrets: An American/Indian Story
  2. The Way of the Monk (America/India)

Gaur Gopal das Age

Gaur Gopal Das age he was born on December 24, 1943, making him 47 years old as of the year 2021. Gaur Gopal Das Biography you are reading in this article.

Gaur Gopal Das Career

Gaur Gopal Das Career : He received his electrical engineering degree from the College of Engineering in Pune. He was hired by Hewlett Packard since he was the top student in his university. However, after being surrounded by supportive and selfless individuals who pushed him to join Ashram, he was startled to see 10 IIT Mumbai students there and succeeded.

He just resumed his monastic life after which, beginning in 1996, he pursued a career as a life coach. Gaur Gopal Das Career became a member of ISKCON. With millions of followers across various Social Media platforms, he has a sizable fan base. If you like this article Gaur Gopal Das Biography, Please share.

FAQs regarding Gaur Gopal Das Biography

How old is Gaur Gopal Das?

Gaur Gopal Das is 49 years of age.

What is Gaur Gopal Das’ net worth?

Gaur Gopal Das has an estimated net worth of $0.8 million.

What is the real name of Gaur Gopal Das?

Prabhu Gaur Gopal Das is Gaur Gopal’s real name.

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