Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes, Messages, Quotes, History

This year we are going to celebrate the most venerable birth anniversary of the great Saint Guru Ravidas Ji on 5 February 2023, on the day of Magha Purnima. It is believed that on the occasion of this festival, the devotees of Saint Guru Ravidas ji take part in bhajan kirtan by taking bath in the river etc. Along with this, processions of Sant Guru Ravidas ji are also taken out in many parts of the country. In this context, today we are also going to give you information about Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes. You will make it so that if you are interested to get more information about Sant Guru Shree Ravidas Ji, then you have to read this article Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes till the last so that we will give you all the major information about the birth anniversary of Sant Guru Shree Ravidas Ji.

Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes

We know Sant Ravidas as a great saint of India, scholars have a lot of differences about his birth, many scholars consider his birth in the year 1398 on the full moon date of Magh Shukla. According to the information provided by Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes, there is also a belief about his name, that he was born on a Sunday, due to which his name was Ravidas.

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Other names of Guruji like Raidas Rohidas and Rohidas are also popular. You are going to get information regarding Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes in this article today, so you will have to stay here till the end of this article.

Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2023 Overview

Article Title Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes
Category Jayanti
Name Guru Ravidass JI
Born on 1377 , Varanasi
Died at 1528, Varanasi
Jayanti date on 2023 5 February 2023
Other Names of Ravidas Ji Redas , Rohidas, Ruhidas etc.

Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2023 History

According to an ancient story, once Ravidas ji was playing something with his friends, but it so happened that one more day the friend did not come to play. Super Ravidas ji became very sad and went to find his friend. According to Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2023 History, by chance he came to know that he had died. Ravidas ji became very sad after hearing this. Ravidas ji just said that his friend got up from the dead immediately.

This happened because Ravidas ji had divine powers since childhood. Under Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes, let us tell you that later Ravidas ji devoted his life to the devotion of Lord Rama and Krishna and thus doing social service, he became famous as a great saint.


Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes
Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes


Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2023 Messages

  • A person is not big or small because of his birth, but his deeds make a person small or big.
  • Ravidas ji says that it is very wrong to accumulate excessive wealth unethically and commit misconduct.
  • God resides where there is no discrimination against anyone, no greed or hatred.
  • Always keep working and should not give up hope of the fruits you get. Because karma is our religion and fruit is our good luck. And we should never give up on our good fortune.
  • We should never give birth to pride in ourselves because no matter how strong a giant elephant becomes, it will not be able to get sugar grains, on the contrary, a small ant can do this work.

Sant Ravidas Ke Vichar

We all together celebrate Sant Ravidas Jayanti in honor of the birth anniversary of Guruvar Param Praveen Sant Shri Ravidas Ji. He was very approachable. Today we are presenting Sant Ravidas Ke Vichar in front of you so that you can attain salvation by adopting spiritualism by adopting his thoughts.

Significantly, under Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes, we should always remember him by bringing his teachings and philosophy into our lives. And implement the thoughts of Sant Ravidas ji in your life.

Ravidas Quotes in English

  • Everyday is a new beginning, there is sunrise and sunset too, life goes on, people around us also go far away from us, and till today no one could escape from death. If there is anything true in the world, it is God and death. Best wishes on Sant Ravidas Guru Jayanti.
  • We should not understand any difference between water and its waves in the same way you and God both are not different. Best wishes on Guru Ravidas Jayanti.
  • If you can’t do good for someone, then take care that you don’t harm anyone unknowingly. If you can’t become a flower, at least don’t spread thorns.Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti.
  • Always sing true songs of the Lord, chant the name of the Lord, become His servant, that is, the servants of the Lord. Happy Sant Ravidas Jayanti.
  • Have this faith in the heart for God that you are showing us the light of wisdom and turning us away from the ignorance of foolishness. Best wishes on the occasion of Sant Ravidas Jayanti.

Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2023

Like every year, this year also we are going to celebrate Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2023, a great saint honored with great love and respect on the full moon date of Magh month, so on this occasion we want you to wish your friends, relatives and relatives Make them feel the glory of Guru by sending Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes. Here we should make you more aware about Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2023 that great sant Ravidas ji was a philosopher, poet, social reformer and supreme follower of God.

It is believed that Sant Ravidas ji’s personality was so great, easy and humble that even by Kabir Das ji he has been called “Ravidas in Santan”. Ramanand was the teacher of both Kabir Das ji and Ravidas ji, hence both are also called Guru Bhai.

FAQs related Guru Ravidas Jayanti Wishes

Which birth anniversary of Saint Guru Ravidas Ji are we going to celebrate this year and when?

In this year 2023, we are going to celebrate the 646th birth anniversary of Saint Guru Ravidas Ji on 5 February 2023.

Whose guru brother and whose disciple was Saint Ravidas?

Sant Ravidas was the Guru brother of Kabir Das ji and a disciple of Swami Sant Shiromani Ramanand ji.

When and where was Saint Shiromani Ravidas ji born?

Saint Shiromani Ravidas ji was born in 1377 at Seer Govardhan.

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