Haryana Budget 2023, Allocation, Education, Growth-oriented

The Haryana Budget 2023 is an important tool that helps the state government to allocate resources effectively and ensure the efficient utilization of public funds. The budget of Haryana is also an indicator of the state’s economic health, and the state government is committed to presenting a balanced budget each year. The state government prioritizes these sectors based on the needs of the state and its citizens and allocates funds accordingly. The Haryana budget 2023 also typically includes revenue projections and plans for tax collection and revenue generation. 

Haryana Budget 2023

In addition, it lays out the government’s plan for reducing the fiscal deficit and addressing any financial challenges facing the state. Haryana Budget 2023 will be “development-oriented,” according to Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, with a plan to move the state quickly towards progress and transformation and to uplift the last mile citizen. The Haryana Vidhan Sabha’s Budget Session will start on February 20 and Khattar, who also holds the portfolio for finance, will submit the budget on February 23.

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Budget Haryana 2023-24

According to government sources, Khattar is hosting a series of pre-Budget consultation meetings before delivering the Budget in order to make sure that every significant recommendation offered by the stakeholders is taken into consideration before the final Budget is delivered. Khattar stated, “On the lines of the Union Budget, Haryana Budget 2023 will be aimed at the holistic development of the state bringing the Antyodaya into mainstream,” while presiding over one of these consultation meetings with his Cabinet and the administrative wing at Haryana Niwas.

Haryana Budget 2023 Overview


Article Title Haryana Budget 2023
Budget name Haryana Budget
Category Finance
Year 2023
Country India


Budget Of Haryana

The budget of Haryana is an important financial document that outlines the state government’s plans and priorities for the upcoming financial year. The budget of Haryana is prepared by the finance department of the state government and is presented in the legislative assembly for approval. The budget of Haryana takes into account the state’s revenue and expenditure estimates and allocates funds for various sectors such as agriculture, education, health, infrastructure, and social welfare.

The budget also provides for the implementation of various schemes and projects aimed at improving the living standards of the people of Haryana. The budget of Haryana plays a crucial role in shaping the state’s future by providing resources for the development of its people and infrastructure.


Haryana Budget
Haryana Budget


Haryana Budget 2023 Date

The Haryana Budget 2023 date was presented on 11th February 2023 by the Finance Minister of Haryana, Shri Anurag Singh Thakur. The Haryana Budget 2023 date focuses on various sectors such as agriculture, education, health, and infrastructure. It aims to boost the state’s economic growth and improve the standard of living for its citizens. The budget allocates substantial funds for the development of rural areas and the welfare of farmers. It also emphasizes improving the state’s healthcare facilities and enhancing the quality of education. The budget is expected to bring about positive changes and attract investments to the state, thereby contributing to its overall development.

Budget Allocation Haryana

Budget allocation in Haryana is a yearly process that determines the financial plan of the state government for the upcoming financial year. The budget allocation in Haryana is an important tool that helps the state government to allocate resources for various sectors, including education, health, agriculture, infrastructure, and social welfare, among others. After the budget presentation, there are debates and discussions in the assembly, after which the budget is approved. The approved budget is then implemented, and the state government starts spending money on various development projects and schemes as per the budget allocation.

The budget allocation Haryana process in Haryana starts with the presentation of the annual budget by the finance minister of the state in the legislative assembly. This budget proposal is based on the estimates of the state’s revenue and expenses, and it outlines the government’s priorities and plans for the next financial year. Overall, the budget allocation in Haryana plays a crucial role in the state’s economic and social development.

Haryana Education Budget

The education sector is a priority for the government of Haryana, and the state allocates a significant portion of its budget to this sector. The Haryana education budget is aimed at improving the quality of education in the state and providing access to education for all its citizens. Haryana’s education budget covers various aspects of the sector, including infrastructure development, teacher training, and scholarships for students from economically weaker sections.

 The state government also allocates funds for the development of new schools, colleges, and universities. Additionally, the Haryana education budget also includes provisions for the implementation of new educational policies and programs, such as the promotion of technical and vocational education.  The Haryana education budget plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the state by creating a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

FAQs related to Haryana Budget 2023 

When was the Haryana Budget 2023 released?

Haryana Budget 2023 is released on 11th February 2023. 

Who announced the Haryana Budget 2023?

The Haryana State Government announced the Haryana Budget 2023.

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