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After the elections which is held in Himachal Pradesh on 12th November, everyone in all over India is eagerly waiting for 8th December the date of result. Because the results of the elections are to come on But before this HP Election Exit Poll will also come on the evening of December 5. Today we will take about HP Election Exit Poll which will clear the picture of which party’s government is going to be formed in Himachal Pradesh.

So let’s begin the topic HP Election Exit Poll The beautiful mountain forest is famous for its snow, apple and mountains and beautiful landscape. The state is known as Himachal Pradesh. These day another colour is added to the state. The polls which are held in 12th November all the voters and members who are affected from this election are waiting for HP Election Exit Poll results. No party get back to back victory in two consecutive terms since 1985 but the rulling party is going to apply the double engine government formula for victory. In today article we are going to discuss about.

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HP Election Exit Poll 

The HP Election Exit Poll is not going to be that easy for BJP party also. The plan of BJP of double engine government can be a weak point of BJP in HP Election Exit Poll. The apple producers are also not so happy from the BJP party. The last 10 years inflation are also mountainous in Himachal Pradesh. Congress on other hand had pinned its hope of people aversion to repeat any party in the two consecutive terms. Congress is also getting the sympathy and big support of late Virbhadra Singh. So with any late we are going to make a chart and discuss HP Election Exit Poll.

HP Election Exit Poll overview 

The big factor that most people are talking about h this election in HP Election Exit Poll, which has since 1990. In last some decades there were two party game which is going on the Himachal Pradesh. HP Election Exit Poll clear this perspective that who are going to win or not. However this year aam admi party is also giving a big improvement from the last election. This is also a point that can make the BJP party weak. Let’s discuss some key factor and the overview of HP Election Exit Poll.

State Himachal Pradesh
Commission Election commission
Seats 68
Election date 12 November 2022
Alliance NDA, UPA
Website himachal.nic.in
HP Election Exit Poll 
HP Election Exit Poll


Himachal Pradesh assembly elections 2022 results 

Himachal Pradesh assembly elections 2022 results Is going to a big descision in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh state Himachal Pradesh assembly elections 2022 results

has registered a record voter turnout at 75.6 per cent in the assembly election. Himachal Pradesh state went for a single-phase voting this year. So, The final turnout recorded in the 2017 assembly polls was approx 75.57 per cent. Whereas the number of 76.8 per cent total female electorate exercised their franchise and it was 72.4 per cent among men in last election. While third gender poll percentage was 68.4 per cent. The total number of voters in Himachal Pradesh election while the males in the electorate were 27.88 lakh and females were 27.36 lakh. The number of  third gender voters who had registered themselves were 38. L

HP Election Exit Poll is going to very close HP Election result this year.

Himachal Pradesh Election exit poll

The HP Election Exit Poll is released by every year from many news channel and articles, website. We are also giving you a

HP Election Exit Poll which is basically taken from the time of India. The HP Election Exit Poll decide about the future poll results of Any election. This results can be accurate or also inaccurate in the given senses. We also found a table of HP Election Exit Poll from our research. The HP Election Exit Poll will be release in 5 December.

Himachal Pradesh assembly seats

The election of  Himachal Pradesh assembly elections 2022 which is held in 12 November 2022. Polling for 68 Assembly seats in Himachal Pradesh began at 8 am with the high and tight security arrangements on Saturday. A total number of 55,92,828 electors who will have to give their votes till 5 pm today will decide the total number of 412 candidates who are in the fray. In Himachal Pradesh assembly elections Out of the total number of electorates, 27,37,845 are women, and the number of 28,54,945 men and 38 were third-gender. For the shake of the time representation of woman candidates is 24. So this is all about Himachal Pradesh Exit poll if you like this article then do share with your friends and family.

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