Kantara Movie Review 2022 – Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Kantara Movie Review 2022 – Hello friends, welcome to our today’s article Kantara Movie Review 2022, under which we will tell you today the recently released film Kantara of actor and filmmaker Rishabh Shetty, which is making a lot of noise at the box office. This movie Kantara Movie Review 2022 is also giving the highest rating on BookMyShow and movie database IMDb. Significantly, the film’s producer actor Rishabh Shetty takes special care of the culture and traditions of coastal Karnataka in his films and adopts the practice of reverence for the deities. By the way, you will be able to get complete information regarding Kantara Movie Review 2022 only when you read this Kantara Movie Review 2022 article till the end. So you must read this article Kantara Movie Review 2022 till the end.

Kantara Movie Review 2022

Friends, let us make it clear to you here that Kannada cinema got its first debut from the film KGF, in fact, for its Kannada film, it was kept at a different height, after that kgf2 also earned the highest by earning more than ₹ 402. One of the films to do. Now recently in the Kannada film industry of Karnataka, the name of the film Kantara Movie Review 2022 which was released on 30th September is Kantara, which has just been released and Kantara Movie Review 2022 has earned 100 crores club as soon as it is released.

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After this, in view of the popularity of this Kantara Movie Review 2022 film, the dubbed version of Kantara Movie Review 2022 in Hindi has also just been released after 2 weeks.

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Kantara movie review 2022 Overview

Article title Kantara Movie Review 2022
Film Industry Kannad film industry
Film name Kantara
Acted and directed by Rishabh Shetti
Produced by Vijay Kirangdoor
Till now total earnings 100 crores rupees plus
TRP Rating 9.5 rating


Kantara Movie Review 2022
Kantara Movie Review 2022


Kantara movie story explained 2022

As soon as Kantara Movie Review 2022 came into existence, the producer of the film Vijay Kirangdoor said that Kantara is completely different from KGF. 2022 What is special is that this film has provided information about sacred customs traditions secrets and hidden treasures, beyond the background of the rough and exotic landscapes.

I am working on the plan to release Kantara in different languages. Although the film Kantara Movie Review 2022 was also launched in Hindi version on the basis of popularity two weeks after its release, the beauty of the film Kantara Movie Review 2022 lies in its story, he also said that in the era of remakes and adaptations, we One gets a story that is very local and has a deep connection to the people.

Kantara movie story 2022


However, there are many such scenes in this film, seeing which the hair of good people can stand. Kantara Movie Review 2022 has cinematographer Arvind Kashyap, he has captured the jungle scenes with great depth and detail in his camera, while the music in the film has been given by Ajneesh Loknath. According to the news that has come from official sources, the action sequence in this film is very Funny because the action sequence in this film Kantara Movie Review 2022 has been choreographed by Vikram Mor, who has won the National Film Award twice.

Kantara movie hero 2022

One thing is worth making clear in this Kannada film Kantara Movie Review 2022 that if we call this best action and thriller film Kantara Movie Review 2022 as Rishabh Shetty’s film in every way, then nothing wrong will be said in it, Rishab Shetty Not only directed Kantara Movie Review 2022.  But he has also played the main role in this film. does it. The story of this film is so interesting that if you listen to it, you will definitely tremble. However, after the intermission in the film, a very interesting trend comes and the climax of the film takes you by surprise,

Although the director of the film has also left the scope of the sequel, say anything, the background score of Kantara Movie Review 2022 and the graphics in it are very Well, in view of this, Kantara Movie Review 2022 has got a TRP of 9.5 on imdb.


FAQs related Kantara Movie Review 2022

Que 1. Who has directed and acted in Kantara Movie Review 2022?

Ans. Director and actor of Kantara Movie Review 2022 is Rishabh Shetti.

Que 2.  Who produced the movie Kantara Movie Review 2022?

Ans. Vijay Kirangdoor has produced the movie Kantara.

Que 3. Kantara Movie Review 2022 How much business has been done as soon as kantara is released?

Ans. Kantara Movie Review 2022 has joined the club of films earning more than Rs 100 crore as soon as it is released.

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