Landmark Cars IPO Allotment Status – Date, Review, Price, Allotment, Analysis

Landmark Cars IPO Allotment Status has going to start issue theirs in the date of 13 December and the ending date is 16th December. After 16th December there will no any IPO available for sell. There after only transfer of share can be possible. 552 crore is the total size of IPO. Landmark Cars IPO Allotment Status is going to be a big IPO release.

Although the price of one share of Landmark Cars IPO Allotment Status is 481-506 INR. If you want to Buy this IPO then there is three categories in Landmark cars IPO allotment status Qualified Institutional Buyers, Non-Institutional Investors, Retail Individual Investors. In this article we are going to tell about what is the share price of Landmark cars ipo, valuation and all about the Landmarks cars ipo. so, stay will us in this article till the end.

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Landmark cars IPO allotment status

The landmark car company is established in 1998. The landmark cars company is the automotive industry sector in India which dealerships with Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Jeep, Volkswagen and Renault. The company operates his business in various countries like United Kingdom, Dubai, Shanghai, Hongkong, Mauritius and Singapore. So, this is all about the introduction part of landmark cars ipo allotment status, let’s move on to the overview section.

Landmark cars IPO allotment status overview 

Type IPO
opening date 13 December 
closing date  16 December 
price brand  481-506 Rs
total issue share price  552 Crore
listing in  NSE BSE 
Face Value 5 INR Per Share

Landmark cars share price 

The per share Price of landmark cars ipo will be going to issue with 481-506 Rs. the price is only for one share but if you want to buy this shares in the form of IPO, then you cannot buy it in a single piece. You have to buy it in bulk. You have to buy landmark Cars share in the form of lot. A bundle of shares is known as lots. So, you can buy it in the bulk the bulk price is vary in size, in size it can also vary in this price. As you increase the size of lot the price of lot is decreasing. So, there is an inverse relationship between this.

Landmark Cars IPO Allotment Status
Landmark Cars IPO Allotment Status


Landmark cars IPO valuation

Landmark cars IPO allotment status, If we talk about the valuation of this company then it is neither very much good or not too much bad. In, 2020 there will a date release by ticker tape in 31st of march of this company. In 2020, the total revenue of this company is 887.9, total assets is 1966.34,the profit after tax is  11.15 and earnings per equity shares is 3.91 and Net asset value per Equity Share (₹) 49.62.  These are all the datas of 2020 of these share is 2021 the datas are increased by the total assets of this company is 831.77, total profit after tax is 2228.93 and  earnings per equity shares is -28.94 (7.84) also the net assets value per equity share is 46.17. This is not too good.

Landmark cars ipo price 

The ipo price is decided by the company assets and based on the valuation of the company. Although the share price will be given the overview table of the article. The price is decided for a share and it sells in the form of lot. The company the also going to registered in national stock exchange and also in bombay stock exchange. After issuing the share the company will registered in share markets. The share price of Landmark company can increase and decrease after issuing share. You can buy a single share after issuing the shares. Because after landmark cars ipo subscription status if any investor want to sell the share then you can buy it in single piece.

Landmark cars Ipo lot size 

There ipo bulk of Landmark cars IPO allotment status is 29 shares. So. The price of landmark cars ipo is issuing in 14,674 for 29 shares. This is price of a lot of shares. You can buy it in bulk so that this will be minimum costs for you. The lot of 13 where have many share price Is 1,90,762 Rs. So, you can buy it in more bulk. The price of 14 lot is 2,05,436 and the price of 69 lots is 10,12,506. You can buy highest of 69 lots of shares. If anyone want to buy more then, he will have to pay more in this of 69 lots.

FAQs Related To Landmark Cars IPO Allotment Status

What does landmark cars do?

They are leading automotive retail business in India with dealerships for many multinational companies.

Does Tata own landmark company?

Yes, the company is wholly owned by Trent, a Tata Group company.

How can I buy the landmark cars IPO in the form of lots?

Buy above process you can buy it from various stock brokers available on the market. 

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