Makar Sankranti Puja Time 2023, Date, Timing, Puja Muhurat

Makar Sankranti is one of the Main festivals of Hindus and celebrated all over the world.  In India the makar sankranti is known by various names. This year also the Makar Sankrati is going to be celebrated. Many people are Confused about Makar Sankranti Puja Time 2023. So according to the Hindu panchang Makar Sankranti puja time 2023 is January 14, 2023 at 8:21 pm. Because the king of planets Sun will transit in Capricorn on January 14, 2023 at 8.21 pm. 

Makar Sankranti Puja Time 2023

In this post we are going to talk about Makar Sankranti puja timing 2023, makar Sankrati tithi, Happy Makar Sankranti and all abou why this Makar Sankranti is celebrated in the three days in the whole year. To know all about Makar sankranti Puja time 2023 stay with us in this post at last. Makar Sankranti is going to be celebrated on 15 January.  This festival is most celebrated in northern India. 

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Makar Sankranti 2023 Date and Time

Every year the Makar sankranti date and time was on 14 January but due to some reason the makar sankranti puja time 2023 was shifted to 15 January. The Makar sankranti puja time is 8:21 Pm. So, you can start your worship of god at 8:21 pm on 14 January. Although this festival is celebrated on three days of the day, why it is celebrated on th three days we will discuss later. This festival is the festival of kites. On this day mostly people fly kites. 

Makar Sankranti Puja Time 2023 Overview 

Festival  Makar Sankranti 
Category  Puja Time 
Year  2023 
Date  14 January 
Puja Time  8:21 Pm on 14 January 
Makar Sankranti Celebrating date  15 January 


Sankranti Festival 

Sankranti Festival Was celebrated in India because on this day the sunlight was directed on the Tropic of Capricorn. This day is also known as the day after the lohri. The lohri festival was mostly famous in punjab and Haryana. This festival is celebrated due to the start of farming. This year also the Sankranti festival will be celebrated. The Sankranti festival will be celebrated throughout India with joy. 

This day is also known as the day of kites. Because on this day the hot air is cycling more due to which the air is at a fast speed. On this day the people fly their Kites. If you live in south India then you know something about the sankranti festival. But in Delhi and northern India this festival is celebrated with joy and happiness. 

Makar Sankranti Puja Time
Makar Sankranti Puja Time


Makar Sankranti Holiday 

The Makar Sankranti is the festival of kites. However makar sankranti is celebrated by the whole nation but there is no official government holiday on this day. This will be a half time Makar Sankranti Holiday but there is no Full time Makar sankranti holiday celebrated. By some of the state governments the government gave holidays to the people. But in the central government there is no official holiday for this. If we talk about the sebi and the stock market. Then the stock market will close on the Makar sankranti holiday. 

Sankranti Patanga Date

As we said, The sankranti puja date and time is from 14 January 2023,  8:21 pm. This is the puja timing of the Makar sankranti. The sankranti patanga date is on 14 and 15 January. You can fly the kites from the morning of 14 January. However, some astrologers and specialists said that the best time to fly the kite in the sky is on the 15th of January from morning. So, the sankranti patanga date is 15 January according to astrologers. You can also fly the kite on 16 January because the Mark sankranti is celebrated within three days. Many of the schools give holiday to the students for the half time to celebrate the Sankranti patanga date. 

Makar Sankranti According To Hindu Date

The mark sankranti according to Hindu date is on 14 January. Many people are also celebrating this day on 15 January this year. Because the Makar sankranti time is in this year from the evening. So, the people are going to celebrate the makar sankranti on both the day 14 January and the 15 January also.  Makar Sankranti according to Hindu date is on 14 January at the evening on 8:21 pm. 

Makar Sankranti Puja Muhurat

Here we will provide the makar sankranti puja muhurat for January. The Makar Sankranti puja muhurat is best from the 14 January at the evening. So, this is all about Makar Sankranti puja time. If you like this post Makar Sankranti puja time 2023. Then do share with your friends and family. Therefore they can also celebrate. 

FAQs related to Makar Sankranti Puja Time 2023

When will the Makar sankranti puja time be 2023?

The Makar Sankranti puja time 2023 is 8:21 pm, 14 January 2023.

What is the celebrated date after Makar Sankranti puja time 2023?

You can celebrate the Makar Sankranti on 14 and 15 January both the day. 

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