Missionary Day 2023, Mizoram Day, Celebration

A local event in Mizoram, India, called Missionary Day 2023 honors the entry of two Welsh Christian missionaries into the region over a century ago. The state government has proclaimed this holiday a public holiday, which is always observed on January 11. On this day, both government offices and educational institutions will be closed.

Missionary Day 2023

Missionary day 2023 is a day dedicated to honoring and recognizing the work of missionaries around the world. These individuals dedicate their lives to spreading the message of love, hope, and salvation to people of all walks of life, often facing difficult challenges and obstacles along the way.

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On this day, churches and religious organizations hold special events and services to recognize and celebrate the work of missionaries. These events may include guest speakers, worship services, and fellowship meals. Many churches also take up special collections to support the work of missionaries and their families. In this article we will tell you all about Missionary Day 2023.

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First Missionary Day In Mizoram

The first Missionary Day in Mizoram was after  January 11th, 1894, Revs. J. H. Lorrain and F. W. Savidge travelled by boat from Assam to the then-Lushai nation of Mizoram with the intention of bringing Christianity to the area. As a result, practically all Mizos converted to the new religion. In Mizoram’s northern and southern regions, respectively, the missionaries founded the Presbyterian and Baptist churches.Local churches will perform prayers and plan community feasts to commemorate the day.

The settlement of Sairang and other sections of the Lushai Hills and the Mizoram state were converted to Christianity thanks to the work of two Welsh missionaries, the Reverends Lorrain and Savidge. These missionaries started teaching the Mizo people to read in their own language and produced a Mizo-English dictionary. They were taught the Gospel, which completely transformed their prior animism. Then the first Missionary Day in Mizoram was celebrated.

Missionary Day 2023 Highlights

Article Title Missionary Day 2023
Name of the festival Missionary Day
Category Festival update
Date 11th January 2023
Celebration location Worldwide


Missionary Day 2023
Missionary Day 2023


Missionary Day 2023 In India

Before British India expanded to embrace their region, the inhabitants of the Lushai Hills carried out raids on British plantations in the lowlands to the south, and even then, they were only “loosely controlled.” But all of that started to alter forever with the 11 January 1894 voyage of these two Presbyterian missionaries.

In missionary day Mizoram Mizoram, the Presbyterian Church first observed Missionary Day in 1974, and later the state government declared it an official holiday. Especially in Presbyterian and Baptist churches, many people attend special services on this day for prayer, worship, and recollection of the blessings God brought through the coming of the Gospel with Mizoram’s first two missionaries in 1894.

World Missionary Day

In the last few years, many people has a question about world Missionary day. It is an honor to celebrate you and to share in your mission of spreading the gospel message. Our missionary stories teach us about living this Jesus-centered life with all its meaning and purpose. World Missionary day is all about togetherness and love.

We have so much to be thankful for – from these amazing special men and women, who have risked their lives for our faith community by serving abroad, to the families that have supported them regularly from home and countless others who have prayed with and helped them become Christ-centered, who love their neighbors as themselves and seek out ways in which we can serve our brothers and sisters worldwide.

Missionary Day Mizoram

Missionary day 2023 is an opportunity for people to come together to support and pray for those who are spreading the Gospel in far-off lands. It is a time to celebrate the amazing work of these brave and dedicated individuals, and to recognize the important role they play in bringing hope and salvation to the world

Missionary day Mizoram is a special day that seeks to put the spotlight on faithful church members who are on mission around the world. The Missionary day Mizoram is sometime celebrated in ward and branch meetings with missionaries giving inspirational talks and sharing photos, letters, and videos with family members and local congregations.

They say, “There are no real endings in life, but only beginnings.” I’m sure that you’ll agree with me after this letter. This is not an end; it’s a beginning. Just know that no matter what happens from here on out, you will always have someone you can reach out to, someone who cares about you and your future. As for me, I’m already counting the days until our next meeting.

FAQs related to Missionary Day 2023

When is Missionary day 2023?

Missionary Day 2023 is celebrated on 11th January Every Year.

What does people do on missionary day 2023?

On this day, churches and religious organizations hold special events and services to recognize and celebrate the work of missionaries.

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