Nagaland Voter List 2023 PDF Download with Photo & Name

The CEO of Nagaland released the Nagaland Voter list 2023. So those citizens of Nagaland can check their name in the Nagaland Voter list. Those whose name will be mentioned in Nagaland Voter list can give the voter in the next election of Nagaland. You can check your name in the official website of Nagaland Voter CEO. The official website of CEO Nagaland is In this post we are going to tell you about how you can download the Nagaland Voter list, all about the Nagaland election commission and how to apply for Nagaland Voter ID. To know all about the Nagaland border and their list 2023 stay with us in this post at last.

Nagaland Voter List 2023

All the citizens of Nagaland can check their name in district wise CEO Nagaland Voter List with the photos and their voter ID card download. For downloading the voter list you need some documents like your voter ID card and identity card. You can download it in various ways. you need a OTP of your mobile number and your voter ID.

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The update of Nagaland electoral rolls with their photos are available in the official website in the PDF format where people can easily find their name in the CEO Nagaland Voter list and can download the voter ID card by following the given process in the below topic. If you want to download the PDF file of the Nagaland electoral roll voter list 2023 then it is available in the CEO website of Nagaland.

Nagaland Voter List 2023 Overview

State Nagaland
Year 2023
Category Voter List
Release by CEO Nagaland
Election Date 27 February


CEO Nagaland

All the citizens of Nagaland can search Nagaland official website and the people can check their names through the online process. If you are a permanent citizen of Nagaland then for voting the CEO Nagaland website will be very much important for you . In CEO Nagaland website you can easily check your name in the voter list of Nagaland. If your name will be in the voter list then you can easily vote in the next election. If your name will not be in the voter list then you have to add your name by making a voter ID card.


Nagaland Voter List 2023
Nagaland Voter List 2023


Nagaland Electoral List

In the Nagaland electoral List, you can see your name whether in the next election you are going to vote or not. If you are peppered this year with your voting card then your name will be in the Nagaland electoral list. If your name is not given then you can report it to the nearest electoral system or center. For those who do not vote due to the fact that they are not living in their state Nagaland. They can check their name twice because many of their names are not given in the Nagaland electoral list.

Nagaland Election Commission

The Nagaland election commission is responsible to do the election in Nagaland. All the work and responsibilities of the election which will be held on 27 February in Nagaland, all responsibilities of preparation of voting and polling will be given in the hand of Nagaland election commission. There is the election commission which is in the Centre which is above the Nagaland election commission. Nagaland election commission is there any State election commission which conducts the voting after the order of Central election commission.

How To Apply For Voter Id In Nagaland

Many people are asking about how to apply for voter ID in Nagaland. To apply for the water list processes are given in the steps below. After following this you can easily download your voter list and apply for the voter list. After applying to the voter list you can easily check your name in the Nagaland Voter list your name will be given there.

  • First of all you have to visit the official website
  • If you are 18+ then go on the voter list section.
  • Then click on the apply button
  • Now after filling your document you can apply for the voter id
  • Finally you can check your voter ID after the application through the application number.

Nagaland Election 2023 Date

The Nagaland State election 2023 date is on 27 February. The result of Nagaland election 2023 date will be released on two March. So if you are a citizen of Nagaland then you can prepare for your Word that you want to be water for the election in 2023 of your assembly. You can give your Word through the nearest pole of your city. The Pol list is not released yet. So when the Pol list will be released you can check your nearest Pol and you can go to their. so this is all about Nagaland Voter list 2023. If you like this post then do share with your friends and family.

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FAQ related to Nagaland Voter List 2023

From which website I can download Nagaland Voter list 2023?

You can download Nagaland Voter list 2023 from the official website of CEO Nagaland.

How to download Nagaland Voter list 2023?

You can download the Nagaland Voter list by following the above process.


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