National Voters Day 2023, Theme, Slogan, Importance, Speech

On January 25, National Voters Day 2023 is observed to commemorate the founding day of the Election Commission of India, which was created on that date in 1950. The National Voters Day 2023 celebration was chosen by the Indian government as a way to inspire young people to get involved in politics. The first National Voters Day was observed on January 25, 2011, and ever since then, it has been observed on January 25 with a particular theme.

National Voters Day 2023

Every year, a different method is employed to mark this event. It not only promotes young people’s involvement in politics but also emphasises that the right to vote is a fundamental freedom protected by the US Constitution. This year will mark the 12th annual National Voters’ Day in 2023. On this occasion, National Awards will also be granted to participants for their remarkable contributions to the participation of voters, including EC icons, government agencies, and media organisations.

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National Voters Day 2023 History

The Indian government declared January 25th, going forward, to be National Voters Day 2023 History in 2011. The Election Commission of India was created on January 25, 1950, hence the Indian government decided to commemorate the day to emphasise the significance of voting for Indian citizens. All Indian elections must be run by the Election Commission of India. National Voters Day 2023 History is open to Indian citizens who are at least 18 years old.

National Voters Day 2023 Theme

Making Elections Inclusive, Accessible, and Participative is the focus of National Voters Day 2023 Theme. The goal of National Voters Day 2023 Theme is to encourage more people to vote in elections, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or other characteristics. The Indian Election Commission also concentrates on measures to simplify and improve voter accessibility across the entire voting process.

2023 Theme: Not decided yet

2022 Theme:  Making Elections Inclusive, Accessible, and Participatory is the year 2022’s theme.

2021 Theme: “Enabling Empowered, Vigilant, Safe, and Informed Voters.”

2020 Theme: election’s theme is “Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy.”

2019 Theme: “No Voter to be Left Behind” is the theme for 2019.

2018 Theme: “Assessable Elections”

2017 Theme: “Empowering Young and Future Voters.”

National Voters Day
National Voters Day


National Voters Day 2023 Quotes

  1. “The vote is valuable. We must utilise it because it is the most effective nonviolent tool we have in a democratic society. Mr. Lewis
  2. “You are demonstrating to our forefathers that their struggles were not in vain by making your voices known. Voting is the final action we must take before we may exercise our true power. (Beyoncé,)
  3. “Perhaps we were all equally created. But until we all cast our votes, we won’t be truly equal. So don’t hesitate. actor Leonardo DiCaprio
  4. “When we vote, our opinions are heard and our values are put into practise. Your voice serves as a reminder that you are important and that you should be heard. Maggie Markle

National Voters Day speech

Dear fellow citizens,

Today is National Voters Day 2023, a day set aside for educating people about the value of voting and inspiring them to take part in the election process. The Indian Election Commission also provides voter ID cards to new voters on this day. In India, National Voters Day is observed annually on January 25. Annual celebrations of National Voters Day have a specific theme. The Election Commission of India (ECI), which was established in 1950, was founded on January 25. In 2011, this day was initially observed. The purpose of the holiday is to emphasise the significance of voting and each and every vote. to inspire young people to participate in the democratic process and to emphasise the importance of the fundamental right to vote.

It is also India’s democracy. The primary goal of the election commission is to promote voter registration, especially among qualified voters. Citizens participate in the democratic process by casting ballots. Citizens elect leaders to represent them and their opinions, while the elected officials uphold the interests of the citizens.

National Voters Day in India

On January 25, 2023, the Election Commission of India will commemorate the 12th anniversary of National Voters Day in India. This day is dedicated to raising young people’s awareness of the importance of voting in their country. On January 25, 2011, National Voters Day in India was celebrated for the first time. On Tuesday, January 25, a number of events are scheduled to be held, including the Xojaag Voter Competition in the Sivasagar district, the Mass Outreach Program in Assam, and many others.

The government of India was chosen democratically. Everyone has the fundamental right to cast a ballot. She/he has the authority to choose their representative from a group of people they believe are qualified to lead the country, solve problems faced by regular people, transform lives, etc. Being aware of National Voters Day in India is crucial because the future of our country rests on the leader we choose.

FAQs regarding National Voters Day 2023

What day was the first National Voter Day observed?

Ans: On January 25, 2011, the nation celebrated its first National Voter Day.

In 2023, when is National Voters Day?

Ans. Since 2011, January 25 has been designated as National Voters Day.

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