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Pleasure Scooty Price List : The spectacular scooter Hero Pleasure is designed with female riders in mind. With its official phrase Why should males have all the fun, this vehicle has been luring aspirant Indian female scooty purchasers since its 2005 debut. Hero Honda  Pleasure is a well-known scooter without gears that is incredibly simple to operate. In this article we will discuss about Pleasure Scooty Price List, so read this article till end.

This amazing vehicle is enjoyable for female passengers to ride. Hero has recently experimented with a few changes as a result of the sooty’s redesign by the manufacturers. This model has undergone some colour changes. Hero Honda , typically a motorbike brand, produced their first scooter, and it was well welcomed. As of 2013, it was the only scooter in a quickly expanding market that sold more than 40,000 units per month, trailing only the Honda Activa.

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Pleasure Scooty Price List

The Honda Pleasure was distinctive more in terms of marketing than in terms of product. With the cleverly developed brand phrase “Why should boys have all the fun?” created by team FCB-Ulka, it was clearly positioned as a women’s scooter. As a result, the scooter market as a whole became polarised, with products being either explicitly positioned for men or women.

The Pleasure soon went on to take nearly 17% of the market after carving out a niche for itself in this way. Int this article we will provide you pleasure scooty price list which will help you to choose the best scooty for you.

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Perks of having pleasure scooty

Hero has front and rear shoe type brakes that extend internally to a 130mm diameter to provide excellent handling support. These brakes are completely trustworthy and efficient. But as time passes, the efficiency of these brakes degrades. This model’s suspension is of inferior quality. It is primarily made for riders in cities. It will not be a smart idea to ride it off the road. The front scooter suspension is foot linked with a spring hydraulic damper, while the rear scooter suspension has a spring damper and swing arm.

Pleasure scooty mileage

You will undoubtedly enjoy the ride on this scooter if the roads are in good condition. The dynamic mileage of the Hero MotoCorp Pleasure scooty price list what makes it so popular with both men and women purchasers in the Indian auto industry. Pleasure scooty mileage  typically gets between 40 and 45 km per gallon, which makes it a highly fuel-efficient device. The fact that a scooter can travel this far is absolutely fantastic. With such mileage, pleasure poses a serious threat to other gearless two-wheelers currently on the market. This two-wheeler option is ideal for those who are particularly concerned about fuel consumption.

Pleasure Scooty Price List
Pleasure Scooty Price List


The corporation has switched to a design that, from some per Pleasure plus xtec scooty is one of the best in the pleasure scooty price list. spectives, appears to be from the 1970s, which is a substantial departure from the previous design. Going back in time, however, never damaged anyone; in fact, it is a compliment since scooters from that era were just more attractive. Hero, however, wasn’t the first scooter manufacturer in India to take this route, which is why the Suzuki Access 125’s headlight and the Yamaha Fascino’s bodywork both appear to be inspirations for the Hero’s headlight. Despite this, it has a distinctive shape and will be noticeable on our roads, especially in this traditional light blue colour scheme. Hero also offers six other colours if the blue isn’t your style.

After almost 15 years, Hero has finally upgraded one of its most well-liked scooters, the Pleasure. The Pleasure Plus is now known as it, and among the main changes are completely new looks and a marginally more potent engine. Perhaps to your surprise, the older Pleasure was one of the highest-capacity scooters in its class when it first appeared. The Pleasure had a 102cc engine when it competed against other lightweight scooters in the mid-2000s like the TVS Scooty Pep, Kinetic Zing, and Bajaj Spirit, all of which were around the 80cc mark. But since then, a lot has changed, and 100cc is no longer sufficient.

Down is the pleasure scooty price list best pleasure scooties are mentioned at the table given below.

Pleasure scooty price list

Here’s is the pleasure scooty price list so compare the prices and find a good Honda pleasure for you.

Scooty name Price
Pleasure plus xtec RS. 77,715
Hero pleasure + RS. 67,898
Hero maestro edge 125 RS. 86,066
Hero destiny 125 RS. 82,908
Hero maestro edge 110 RS. 73,616
Pleasure ampero reo elite RS. 42,999
Bounce infinity Rs. 45,009
Hero electric flash Rs. 53,600


FAQs related to Pleasure Scooty price list

Q1. Which is the cheapest Pleasure Scooty in the price list?

Ans. Pleasure ampero reo elite is the affordable and cheapest Honda Pleasure Scooty.

Q2. When was Honda pleasure scooty launched?

Ans. Honda pleasure scooty was launched in 2005.

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