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After the winter vacation schools reopen from 16th january onwards. The dates for reopen is different for different states. School Reopen 2023 from 16th January in uttar pradesh and also in rajasthan. Haryana schools will be reopening from 21 january for all the classes, for now only class 10th and 12th are open .Chandigarh Schools will remain closed for students of up to 8th standard. Reopen of Delhi schools is postponed till next notice no official date is released for reopen of schools. Almost all the northern states are hit by cold wave and due to which schools were closed for long but now as average temperature increases the states are announcing the date of reopen of schools

School Reopen 2023

As the average temperature increases the students and parents are asking to reopen the school specially the students who are going to face board examination. The parents of those students who are in board classes are worried about the academic activities of their children. As the schools were closed from last few weeks, now all the states are announcing the date of reopening of schools after looking at the situation and convenience of students.

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States take decisions to reopen the school but in this situation Delhi schools are still not opening and there is no official date to reopen the school. Other states l I’m e uttar pradesh, haryana and punjab has announced and informed the date of School Reopen 2023 to every student and parents so that they could make ready for actively in academics.

School Reopen 2023 Overview

Uttar Pradesh School Reopen 2023 16th Jan
Punjab School Reopen 2023 Extended
Haryana School Reopen 2023 23 January
Delhi School Reopen 2023 Not announced
Closed from December 25 onwards
Closed due to Winter vacation
School Reopen 2023
School Reopen 2023


Delhi School Reopen 2023

Delhi Schools were to reopen from 16th January after the winter vacation but due to heavy cold and the new strike of corona virus the school reopening is postponed up to next notice. Firstly the students and parents were informed that the schools will reopen for all classes from

16th January but looking at the present situation and weather the Delhi School Reopen 2023 is canceled up to next notice. After a week the authority will analyze and with the suggestion of the weather department and their species they will take the decision. till the next notice of ministry the schools are closed but meanwhile the board students are worried about their academics. and parents demand for exact date of School Reopen 2023. Government is very much concerned about the students and will take decisions in their favor.

Punjab School Reopen 2023

Punjab Schools were to reopen this month after 15 January but it is postponed to 23 January for class 10th and 12th and for other Classes the date is not known as government have not issued any notification regarding but it is expected that schools can reopen from 1 february for all the classes if situations favoured.

The reason for closing of schools was firstly cod attack and then the new wave of corona which has decreased now .at starting it seemed like a new corona wave is going to hit the india but fortunately it is under control. Punjab government took proper measures and closed the schools so that students should not face any problem and now the Punjab School Reopen 2023 decisions will be taken wisely keeping the students health as first priority and also to take care of their academics.

Chandigarh School Reopen 2023

The Union territory Chandigarh Schools Reopen 2023 is scheduled to reopen from 23rd January for classes upto 8th but keeping the board examination in mind the students of class 10th and 12th are asked to take classes so that there academic requirements for examination could be completed within the time and a enough time could be given to them to prepare for examination and self study.

The students of other classes will come from 21st January if the situation favours. the reason for close of school is heavy cold attack and to protect student from the effect of this heavy cold. meanwhile government do not want to disturb the academics of students and to balance this problem the government took a wise decision to call only board students. and if the situation remains same the government can postpone the reopen date looking the situation.

FAQs Related to School Reopen 2023

When will schools reopen in delhi?

There is no notice of exact date which states the Delhi School Reopen 2023.

When will Punjab School Reopen 2023?

Punjab Schools Reopen 2023 is Scheduled from 23rd January if situations favors.

Why are schools in northern states closed and students are waiting for  School Reopen 2023?

Due to the Cold attack the School of North states are closed  and students are waiting for School Reopen 2023.

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