Sonepur Cattle Fair 2022 – Dates, History, Major Attractions

The famous Sonepur Cattle Fair 2022, which is a very popular fair of Bihar, is called Sonepur in the Harihar region, a short distance from Bihar’s capital Patna, which is Asia’s largest fair. Many animal traders participate in this fair, hence it is called Sonepur  Also known as Cattle Fair 2022, not only in Bihar but in the world, Sonepur Cattle Fair 2022 has its own identity.

In the last few years, the form of Sonepur Fair is changing. Things have been included and many things have become a part of history, here we explain to you that this Sonepur fair spreads in a radius of about 15 kilometers but it is unfortunate that due to coronavirus infection in the last few years, Sonepur Cattle Fair 2022  A lot has been covered. But still the fair of Sonpur is buzzing again after 2 years (because this fair was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic). So friends, do you know what is special about the Sonpur fair? What makes it special?  So to know all this you have to read this article Sonepur Cattle Fair 2022 till the end.

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Sonpur Mela 2022 date

As we have explained to you above about Sonpur Mela 2022 date, then let us explain to you that after 3 long years, Sonpur Mela Bihar is going to be green once again, according to the information received from Sonpur Mela 2022 date just last  In the meeting held by DM Rajesh Meena of Saran district, this time again the Sonpur Mela 2022 date was considered and discussed.

And then it was concluded that this time the Sonepur fair will be buzzing again.  Therefore, this year Kartik Purnima bath is being held on 8th November and Sonpur fair is going to continue till 7th December.  In this regard, the administration has got involved in the preparations for the fair.  So today you will get information about the Sonpur Mela 2022 date.

Sonepur mela or cattle fair 2022 Overview

Article title Sonepur Cattle Fair 2022
Festival Sonepur Mela 2022
Date 6 November to 8 December
Launch by Deputy cm bihar Tejasvi Yadav
Year 2022
Distt. Saran
State Bihar

Biggest cattle fair in India

Bihar’s Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav inaugurated the Biggest cattle fair in India i.e. Sonepur fair. In Sonepur fair you will get to see various colorful programs like adventure water sports sports and other types of competition. Every year lakhs of people come to see the Biggest cattle fair in India i.e. Sonpur Mela Bihar Saran, in this regard strict and concrete arrangements are made by the administration to deal with the fair and emergency situation.

Significantly, for the Biggest cattle fair in India, Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav duly inaugurated the fair by lighting a lamp on Sunday, along with Tejashwi, Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh, Minister Jitendra Kumar Roy, Minister Alok Mehta, Minister Sumit Singh and many other ministers and leaders.  are.

 Sonepur Cattle Fair
Sonepur Cattle Fair

Sonepur Mela Wikipedia

In view of the preparations for the fair, a message has been issued by the district administration. According to the message of Sonepur Mela Wikipedia, the district administration has made good arrangements for the Sonepur Mela 2022.

A website and mobile application have also been prepared for you. Sonepur Mela Wikipedia  According to this, this website and mobile application will provide information about religious, mythological and cultural history, cultural programs, important places, rest houses, today under Sonpur fair, sitting at home. According to DM Rajesh Meena under Sonepur Mela Wikipedia, this time also sports adventure fashion shows etc. will be organized in the fair.

Sonepur Mela 2022 Bihar

Here let us tell you that the world famous Sonepur Mela 2022 Bihar is very popular every year on Kartik Purnima from Patna to Hajipur, the capital of Bihar.  Due to this the beauty of Sonepur Mela 2022 Bihar increases even more, people have started gathering from now to see this amazing art of the fair. In the main pandal of the AAP tourism department, the artwork of Lord Vishnu’s appearance in the battle of Gaj Graha has been displayed very amazingly.

Sonepur Mela 2022 Notification

  • This time 8 sports are going to be organized in the Sonpur fair.
  • Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will inaugurate the fair.
  • Chief Minister CM will inaugurate after 17 years.
  • Swiss Cottages will be the center of attraction of this Sonpur fair.
  • This time there are more chances for traders to participate in Asia’s biggest fair.
  • We know the world famous Sonepur fair by the name of the cattle fair.
  • This time Sonpur fair will run for about 1 month from 6th November to 7th December.
  • This fair of Sonpur is known as the biggest fair not only of Bihar but also of Asia.
  • Sonpur’s fair is held every year on the occasion of Kartik Purnima from November to December.

FAQs related Sonepur Cattle Fair 2022

When and how long does the Sonpur fair take place?

The Sonpur fair starts from the month of November and ends in the month of December, that is, the fair starts from the day of Kartik Purnima.

Who inaugurated the Sonpur fair this time?

This time the Sonpur fair was inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav.

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