Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography, Girl Friend, Story, Jacqueline, Net Worth

Under today’s article Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography, we are giving information about the trickster and thug Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography, just a few days ago you must have heard about a person in the news, who was the main accused under money-laundering of Rs 200 crores.  declared guilty. Yes, you thought right, we are talking about Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography, in fact, who is this person, what did he do, what happened to him, complete information is being presented to you under this article Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography, so we hope You must read this article on Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography completely. And will get detailed information about all the fraud done by it.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography

Friends, let me tell you that Suresh Chandra Shekhar is a big thug and criminal. He is so sweet-spoken that he fascinates any person and becomes a victim of his fraud. He has mastered the art of cheating from the very beginning, he has made crores by tricking innocent people.

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According to the news received from Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography, it has spread its net from Bangalore to Chennai and many rich people have come in its prey. We are presenting all the news of Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography in detail in front of you, so that you too should beware of these types of thugs.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar Wiki 2023 Overview

Article Caption Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography
Category Biography
Name Sukesh Chandrashekhar
Age 32 Years
Birth Place Bangalore Karnataka
Net Worth 200 Crore Rs.
Profession Thug (Con Man)
Wife Lina Maria poul
Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography
Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography


Sukesh Chandrashekhar Story

Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography, whose surname is Balaji, was so adept in the art of speaking that he used to easily control people, he always made big people his victims.  Recently close photos of famous Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandes and Chandrashekhar surfaced under Sukesh Chandrashekhar Story, which shows that there is a love affair going on between her and Fernandes.  Chandrasekhar is married and his wife’s name is Leena Maria Paul who is also an actress.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar Jacqueline

Tired Suresh Chandra Shekhar is so clever that he always presents himself in a new form, sometimes he becomes a politician, sometimes a bureaucrat, sometimes he presents himself in some other form. If we talk to you about Sukesh Chandrashekhar Jacqueline, then he might have cheated Jacqueline too by trapping her in his trap.

But till now the truth has not come to the fore but let’s see what happens in the coming days as soon as the truth related to Sukesh Chandrashekhar Jacqueline comes to the fore. Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography is full of gimmicks even he duped Tamil Nadu’s big leader TTV Dhinakaran of ₹50 crore by telling that he has good nexus with Election Commission.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography Net Worth

Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography is known as the biggest thug in the world. That’s why I have done the work of cheating since childhood. If we talk about Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography Net Worth under Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography, then its total net worth is Rs 200 crores. That’s why he got his huge Networth through fraud and crime.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar Car

  • Range Rover :- Rs 2 Crore 11 Lakh
  • Land Cruiser :- Rs 1 Crore 47 Lakh
  • Lamborghini :- Rs 3 Crore 43 Lakh
  • Rolls-Royce:- Rs 9 Crore 50 Lakh
  • Mercedes-Benz :- Rs 2 Crore 63 Lakh
  • Land Rover :- Rs 2 Crore 11 Lakh
  • Bentley :- Rs 4 Crore 10 Lakh
  • Porsche :- Rs 3 Crore 7 Lakh

Sukesh Chandrashekhar Story Of His Life And Frauds

Sukesh Chandrashekhar who is a known vicious criminal was arrested by the Election Commission in the year 2017 in this case and sent to Tihar Jail. Acts like Sukesh Chandrashekhar Story Of His Life And Frauds make him stand in the list of most dangerous criminals of the world.  Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography has fallen for a very serious crime, he cheated more than 100 people and earned crores of rupees. And started making Aishwarya’s life by doing crime.

According to the news of Sukesh Chandrashekhar Story Of His Life And Frauds spread in the media, Chandrashekhar also used to travel in a car with lights by calling himself the son of the then Chief Minister Karunanidhi. Till he trapped many people in his web of fraud by telling the truth that he is the nephew of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YSR Reddy and Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar Business

Famous actress Jacqueline Fernandez Nora Fatehi was trapped by Sukesh chandrashekhar in his net by Chandrasekhar, it shed money like water on both of them, which you can’t even imagine. Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s business was so serious that he earned crores of rupees and spent it like water.

FAQs related to Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography

What has been done by Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography?

Sukesh Chand Shekhar has been accused of running a Rs 200 crore extortion racket from inside Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

What case is registered against Sukesh Chand Shekhar?

A case of money laundering of 82.5 lakh cash and more than 1 dozen luxury cars was registered against Sukesh Chand Shekhar in the year 2001.

What is the name of Sukesh Chand Shekhar’s wife?

Sukesh Chandrasekhar Biography’s wife’s name is Leena Maria Paul.

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